Rajiv Gandhi Access to Opportunities Program

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Rajiv Gandhi Access to Opportunities Program

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The World Health Organization estimates that more than 600 million people across the globe live with disabilities of various types. People with disabilities are subject to multiple deprivations that limited their access to basic services, including education, employment, rehabilitation facilities, etc. Widespread social stigma plays a major role in hindering their social and economic circumstances too.

According to the Census of 2011, India has 26.8 million disabled people, out of which around 15 million are males and 12 million are females. The Census also revealed that rural areas have more disabled people than urban areas. Most of the disabled are those with movement disabilities (20.3%). This is followed by hearing impairments (18.9%), visual impairments (18.8%) and mental challenges and disabilities (5.6%).

The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation believes that the increased mobility of a physically challenged person greatly enhances their access to education and employment. Based on this belief, the Foundation launched the Rajiv Gandhi Access to Opportunities (RGATO) programme in 1992. Through the RGATO programme, the Foundation awards specially designed vehicles to physically challenged young people. Since 1992, the Foundation has supported more than 2,600 awardees from 25 states and five union territories to access higher education and employment, attain financial independence, and gain dignity and respect in society. The RGATO project has received tremendous support from corporate bodies and concerned individuals too.

Guidelines for selection:

  1. Age: 18–35 years
  2. Income: Rs 3,500–10,000 per month
  3. Level of disability: 60% or above
  4. Disability of lower limbs but having the ability to drive
  5. Disability certification from an authorised department or agency
  6. Not a past awardee

Preference is given to:

  1. Students
  2. Females
  3. Those who have disabled members in the family
  4. Those residing in rural and remote areas
  5. Those who do not have a government job


Application Form for Specially Designed Vehicle

Dear Applicants,

We were thrilled to receive your application form for the year 2017. Thank you!

On 20th August, a hundred awardees, selected from a total of 5077 applicants were awarded the specially designed vehicle at a programme conducted at Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, New Delhi. We wish them very best.

The new application cycle will open in January 2018. We look forward to your application. Please visit our website: www.rgfindia.org

All the best!


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