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INTERACT scholarships

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INTERACT scholarships

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Violent conflicts have been one of the biggest threats to the progress of our society. The pain and losses arising out of violence impact children the most. Children impacted by violence tend to lose out on education and are also at high risk of falling into the trap of violence themselves.

The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation has been working to support children affected by conflict since 1993. The Initiative to Educate, Rehabilitate and Assist Child Victims of Terror (INTERACT) is aimed at supporting children and their families as they cope with the trauma of loss, escape the trap of violence and realign their lives.

The INTERACT programme started with children from Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Assam and two districts in Andhra Pradesh. In subsequent years, other conflict-affected states such as Tripura, Nagaland and Manipur were included. In 2002, children from Gujarat and in 2003, children in Mumbai were included in the programme. In 2006, scholars were selected from Chhattisgarh. Till date the Foundation has supported 2,115 children across 11 states and two union territories. This also includes 134 scholars who pursued higher studies or vocational programmes.

Guidelines for selection

  1. Children studying in classes I–XII
  2. Children who have lost one or both parents or guardians to violence
  3. Children belonging to civilian families
  4. Cases emerging from incidences of violence in the period of the last two years
  5. Children from weaker economic backgrounds given preference

Other conditions for support:

  1. Assistance if offered after receiving an attested copy of the annual examination report signed by the school authorities, to be verified by the partner organisation
  2. Support is terminated if the child discontinues his/her education, but can be renewed if the child resumes his/her education.



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