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About Rajiv Gandhi

about-rgShri Rajiv Gandhi was born on August 20, 1944 in Bombay (now Mumbai). He spent most of his childhood with Shri Jawaharlal Nehru at the Teen Murti House. After completing his education from the Doon School, Shri Gandhi went to study at the Trinity College, Cambridge and Imperial College (London) where he took a course in mechanical engineering. On returning home from England, he obtained a commercial pilot’s licence and joined the Indian Airlines.

Shri Gandhi became the youngest Prime Minister of India on October 31, 1984. He bore the burden of the assassination of Smt. Indira Gandhi, his mother, and rose to serve the nation with extraordinary composure and dignity. As Prime Minister, he inspired hope and promise amongst millions of Indians. Shri Gandhi was modern in outlook, yet passionately in love with India’s culture and civilisation. India’s stature as a premier nation in the fields of science and technology, communications, infrastructure development, and space research is a direct result of numerous initiatives that Shri Gandhi led.

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