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Rajiv Socio-technical Knowledge, Innovation & Learning Lab (R-SKILL)

“Many things which are wrong such as hunger, disease, illiteracy, the pollution of the environment can be corrected by science, by socially directed technology”. –Rajiv Gandhi

Shri Rajiv Gandhi was an ardent proponent of use of Science and Technology for the benefit of society. The Foundation, while working towards realizing the vision of the great leader, has established Rajiv Socio-technical Knowledge, Innovation & Learning Lab (R-SKILL). This was inaugurated by our Trustee, Shri Rahul Gandhi on the 75th birth anniversary of Shri Rajiv Gandhi on 20th August, 2019. The Lab aims to foster the spirit of innovation amongst the youth and provide them a platform to design, develop, test and launch products or solutions to socio-technical problems around us.

The Lab engages with children from diverse backgrounds including the children from Wonderoom. The activities in the lab began as an extension to Wonderoom Fun Science Sessions where we conduct series of workshops on Robotics and Drones. The young minds have explored and learned to make mechanical robotic models using sensors and are also learning to program these. Another attraction of the LAB has been learning about Drones, to understand the concept of aerodynamics and to fly these gadgets.

In addition, they have progressed to developing a mini rain harvesting model, design of a road sweeping machine, a hanging garden using waste bottles. The Foundation is open to partnerships with likeminded individuals and organizations to explore different opportunities for this LAB.