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Rajiv Sadbhavana Media Lab

Sadbhavana is an over-arching theme for all our programs. While we continue to carry out various activities under different programs to spread the message and feelings of Sadhavana, we also use Media as a vehicle to reach out to a wider set of people. Rajiv Sadbhavana Media Lab was inaugurated by Trustee, Shri Rahul Gandhi on 20th August, 2019, with this key purpose. In today’s world, technology facilitates connecting people all over the world through different media channels. Our Media Lab with a team of professionals uses traditional media, modern mass media and digital social media to showcase the Foundation’s work and spread the message of Sadbhavana.

Through the Media Lab, we are able to cross all physical barriers by reaching out to fellow citizens all over. The team has succinctly presented stories from the interiors of the country including tribals raising their concerns for their rights on the Forests under the Forest Rights Act; internally displaced persons of Chattisgarh carrying out a cycle yatra; to grassroot mobilization by local youth in a district in Tamil Nadu. We reached out to different personailites inluding six living Gandhians and pioneers in social development and change. The interactions with them through video interviews have highlighted and presented their struggles, challenges and achievements. Our in-house events where numerous programs are organised for children and youth and policy consultantions on significant issues have also been captured by the Media Lab.