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Dr Ashok Khosla: Pioneer in Development and Social Change
Dr Ashok Khosla is one of the world’s leading experts on the environment and sustainable development. In this video, he talks about how he was outraged by seeing poverty and massive destruction of natural resources in India, and how he worked towards strengthening civil society with efficiency of business methods and bring a change in the society.
He is the Founder and Chairman of the Development Alternatives Group, a consortium of social enterprises based in India whose mission is to create technologies, businesses and markets for large-scale generation of sustainable livelihoods.
Shri Gautam Bandopadhyay: Pioneer in Development and Social Change
Shri Gautam Bandhopadhyay is a prominent Social Activist in Chattisgarh, working in the state since 1983. He has always been the voice of poor, tribals, dalits and other disadvantaged sections of the state. He has worked in various areas of development including wildlife protected areas, rights of forest dwellers, rights to rivers, right to education, strengthening of school management committees, street vendors in urban areas and so on.
Shri Rajiv Gandhi: Contribution to Panchayati Raj
Shri Rajiv Gandhi: Contribution to Women Reservation
Shri Rajiv Gandhi: Formed National Wasteland Development Board
Shri Rajiv Gandhi: Introducing IT in Govt
Shri Rajiv Gandhi: Signed Accords- Punjab, Assam & Mizoram
Shri Rajiv Gandhi: Formed Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya
Shri Rajiv Gandhi: Decentralisation of Govt
Shri Rajiv Gandhi: Contribution to Telecom
Shri Rajiv Gandhi: Launch of KBK Project
Shri Rajiv Gandhi: Technology Missions
Shri Rajiv Gandhi: Rebuilding Relations with China
Shri Rajiv Gandhi: Reduced Voting Age to 18
Shri Rajiv Gandhi: Sadbhavana Yatra
Living Gandhians: Interview with Shri Dharampal Saini. Fondly known as Bastar Tauji, he spent his entire life in bringing a change in lives of people around. Following the teachings of Gandhi ji, a disciple of Vinoba Bhave ji, Saini ji has transformed the lives of young girls through education and sports in Bastar, Chattisgarh . We are happy to present a part of our interaction with him on his 90th birthday, about his incredible journey of reform, full of challenges and achievements.
Living Gandhians: Interview with Shri Ram Chandra Rahi, President of Central Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Rahi ji has been a disciple of Shri Vinoba Bhave and has followed Gandhi ji throughout his life. He urges the youth today, to reflect and follow Gandhi in whatever they do and create a better world for mankind. He is serving as the President of Central Gandhi Smarak Nidhi which was established by the Indian National Congress after the martyrdom of Gandhi ji in 1948. The key objective of this fund was to preserve and propagate the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi ji.
Smt Ela Bhatt is a Gandhian, a social worker, cooperative organizer, and also the founder of the Self-Employed Women's Association of India (SEWA). Ela Ben is fondly known as the ‘Gentle Revolutionist’. She has dedicated her life to improving the lives of India’s poorest and most oppressed women workers in addition to becoming India’s most well-known and prominent women’s rights activists. She was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1986. Ela ben is also the author of the book - Anubandh: Building Hundred Mile Communities. It is essentially a book that talks about Sadbhavana between people and with our mother Earth.
Shri E P Menon is an ardent follower of Gandhi ji and a disciple of Vinoba Bhave. Inspired by "The Story of My Experiments with Truth", he began exploring Gandhi and his practices. Menon joined Vinoba Bhave ji in Bhoodan Movement and walked with him for 3 years in different states. World Peace Walk for Nuclear Disarmament: At the age of 26, Menon walked for 8000 miles with another friend, without a penny, on foot and boat from New Delhi spanning Islamabad, Kabul, Moscow, Paris, London, New York, Washington, and Hiroshima.
Shri S. Loganathan graduated in History from the Madurai University. He joined in Bhoodan (land gift) Movement of Vinoba Bhave in 1960s and in the Gandhi Centenary year 1969, he began a project for socio-economic assistance to Bhoodan land farmers. This work spread to several states and became the Association for Sarva Seva Farms (ASSEFA), founded in 1979. Annachi, as he is fondly called, draws his inspiration from the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, and directs his energy to fostering local self reliance. ASSEFA is one of India's largest NGOs working in eight states.
INTERACT Alumni Scholars and Partners Meet-Delhi
Access to Opportunities: Vehicle Distribution Program (Sadbhavana Vahan Pradan Karyakram) 2018
Ganga Sadbhavana Yatra English
Shanti se Sadbhavana
Sadbhavana Children Mela
Sadbhavna Saptah Story telling by children and professional trainers
Dastangoi on Gandhi by Fouzia & Team during Sadbhavana Saptah (14-21 Aug 2018)
The Bhagwad Maa Ganga Dhyayati
Sadbhavana Se Sanskriti
Launch of Mobile Sadbhavna kendra (Van)
Bharat Ek Khoj Part-1
Shanti Se Shakti Sadbhavana
Wonderoom childern are getting exposed to future technology
The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation believes that the increased mobility of a physically challenged person greatly enhances their access to education and employment. Based on this belief, the Foundation launched the Rajiv Gandhi Access to Opportunities (RGATO) programme in 1992.
Shabi and Shabana got the motorized triwheeler from the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation under the Rajiv Gandhi Access to Opportunities program. With the increased mobility they formed the Koshish welfare society in their home town Meerut and are working for the disabled in the city. Both Shabi and Shabana have been felicitated by the Uttar Pradesh government for their efforts.
Mateen lost his leg in a bomb blast at the flea market behind the Red Fort. He got the vehicle in 1994. The transformation that the vehicle brought about in his life is a must-watch.
Ritu and Sunil, both are physically challenged. They got the vehicle in 2002. They speak about how increased mobility has transformed their life.
A resident of Sultanpur, Mohd. Haqiq Khan shares how the motorised tri-wheeler given to him by the Foundation has made him self-reliant to the extent that he managed to open a school in his village.
The INTERACT scholarships have supported over 2000 scholars realise their dreams in 11 states. Watch children from our Manipur Workshop 2016 share their feelings
Venkatesh is an INTERACT scholar. He scored 93% marks in his class XII examinations. Presently he is pursuing a degree in economics (hons) from Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University.
The story of Zohaib Bin Javeed, an INTERACT scholar from Lal Bazar, Kashmir. Zohaib lost his father in a militant attack in 1995. He has been supported by the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation to complete his education.
Mrinalini got the Rajiv Gandhi Cambridge Scholarship to get a Ph.D from Cambridge in the year 2016. Listen to her sharing her journey.
Meghna's interest in Maths kept growing with time. Listen to her story to know why she believes the Rajiv Gandhi Cambridge Scholarship has been a blessing for her...
Deepak has been a member of the Wonderoom for the past two years and loves the transformation it has brought to his life.
Nirali and her siblings are regular members of the Wonderoom. From being indifferent to the very existence of Wonderoom, now they say that the Wonderoom has become a wonderful part of their lives. Listen them narrate their story.
Wonderoom kids are making us proud with their talents. Adding another feather to the Wonderoom, the kids this time have come up with their own song "School Time" as part of their latest production, Par Hume Khelna Hai.
Wonderoom kids are making us proud with their talents. Adding another feather to the Wonderoom, the kids this time have come up with their own song "Sang Sang Khelna Hai" as part of their latest production, Par Hume Khelna Hai.
Tawheeda Bano, a resident of village Kawpora, throws light on the effort put in by the Foundation to provide purified water and organise medical camps after the tragic flood in Kashmir in 2014.
The Gram Gaurav Sansthan built a 'Taal' in the Maharajpura village in 2012 when a total of 712 acres of land was sown and in no time the farms were filled with fresh harvest. The next year the village produced a total of 1840 quintal mustard, 3378.80 quintal wheat and 20 quintal of barley.
A student from the Wonderoom, Neha, shares her experience there and how it makes her different from the others.
Haji Mir from Tengan village gives us an insight into the relief work done by the Foundation during the Kashmir floods in 2014.
Aijaz Ahmed Sofi from Razwen expresses his gratitude towards the Foundation for placing service before self by providing door-to-door help during the Kashmir floods in 2014.
The Gram Gaurav Sansthan with help from the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation built a Pokhar near Chaurji's farm. Watch how the increased availability of water transformed Chaurji's life.
The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation is helping the Gram Gaurav Sansthan progress its work in the 114 villages of Dang region, Rajasthan to create water harvesting and land management structures, to improve the livelihoods of the people of Dang. See their story.