Video Gallery

The story of Zohaib Bin Javeed, an INTERACT scholar from Lal Bazar, Kashmir. Zohaib lost his father in a militant attack in 1995. He has been supported by the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation to complete his education.

Venkatesh is an INTERACT scholar. He scored 93% marks in his class XII examinations. Presently he is pursuing a degree in economics (hons) from Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University.

The INTERACT scholarships have supported over 2000 scholars realise their dreams in 11 states. Watch children from our Manipur Workshop 2016 share their feelings.

A resident of Sultanpur, Mohd. Haqiq Khan shares how the motorised tri-wheeler given to him by the Foundation has made him self-reliant to the extent that he managed to open a school in his village.

Ritu and Sunil, both are physically challenged. They got the vehicle in 2002. They speak about how increased mobility has transformed their life.

Mateen lost his leg in a bomb blast at the flea market behind the Red Fort. He got the vehicle in 1994. The transformation that the vehicle brought about in his life is a must-watch.

Mrinalini got the Rajiv Gandhi Cambridge Scholarship to get a Ph.D from Cambridge in the year 2016. Listen to her sharing her journey.

Meghna's interest in Maths kept growing with time. Listen to her story to know why she believes the Rajiv Gandhi Cambridge Scholarship has been a blessing for her...

A student from the Wonderoom, Neha, shares her experience there and how it makes her different from the others.

Deepak has been a member of the Wonderoom for the past two years and loves the transformation it has brought to his life.

Aijaz Ahmed Sofi from Razwen expresses his gratitude towards the Foundation for placing service before self by providing door-to-door help during the Kashmir floods in 2014.

Haji Mir from Tengan village gives us an insight into the relief work done by the Foundation during the Kashmir floods in 2014.

Tawheeda Bano, a resident of village Kawpora, throws light on the effort put in by the Foundation to provide purified water and organise medical camps after the tragic flood in Kashmir in 2014.