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How We Do It

Direct Implementation

Direct Implementation is the modality whereby Rajiv Gandhi Foundation takes on the role of Implementing Partner.

In this case, the Foundation has the technical and administrative capacity to assume the responsibility for mobilizing and applying effectively the required inputs in order to reach the expected outputs. The Foundation assumes overall management responsibility and accountability for project implementation.

Accordingly RGF follows all policies and procedures established for its own operations.


Working with Partner Organizations

Partnerships are at the heart of RGF in all aspects of its work; in the implementation of programmes, in the funding of projects, in policy and development discussions and advocacy. Partners include governments, the private sector and civil society.


Across states, RGF benefits from its vast presence in more than 27 states bringing together actors from a variety of backgrounds to share expertise, explore joint ventures and develop solutions for nation development challenges. At RGF, we know from long experience that these collaborative relationships, built with care, enlarge the potential for progress by unleashing collective energy and concern.

In RGF, working with and through partners has been an essential part of how work is conducted. Since the initiation of the first programme, RGF has worked hand in hand with various partners to move the development agenda further.

Resource Mobilization and partners funding is one of the essential elements of the success of our programmes. Through regular discussions, areas of common interests are identified and financial resources are pooled through RGF programmes. In addition to providing expert advice and technical support to major development issues RGF’s established structure and processes for project development and implementation ensures effectiveness for delivering on results. The diversity of donors contributing to our programmes as well as the substantial resources channeled through RGF programmes confirms once again the vote of confidence of the donors and the international and local community in RGF’s role and effectiveness in the sustainable development field. of Lebanon, to local municipalities, to Non Governmental Organizations.